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Emcees need to know pt 8


Silence: Avoid awkward pauses or long bits of silence between songs. Instead use anytime between tracks to introduce the next song or even your fellow crew members. Talk to the audience, tell a story about the next song, etc.

Stage presence



If you've ever been to a gig where there's a bar and the artists are unsigned, chances are you've witnessed at least one artist being completely ignored by the audience. And then there are gigs with people who seem to do barely anything, but appear so at ease that everyone's hooked from start to finish.

What does Name Science have that the first one did not? Stage presence.

Emcees need to know pt(7)


Emcees need to know: 

When you use a microphone, you still have to use your full voice to engage your audience and establish your identity as a emcee.

Under the pressure of presenting before an audience, a emcee can lose natural vocal expression. Be aware of that risk and guard against it. As you rehearse, experiment with volume, pitch, and rhythm to achieve optimal expression and emphasis.

By varying your volume, pitch, and rhythm, you'll be able to convey meaning and emotion. Without variation, your voice will sound boring, monotonous, and robotic.

Even though you're using a microphone, your audience will still listen for the emotional and semantic cues contained in your voice, cues that a microphone doesn't supply. Use vocal diversity to make sure your audience understands and feels the tone of your message.

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