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Name Science

Name Science:

Two scientists traveling through golden eras of music gathering the

greatest elements of sound. Even though their resume reads hip-hop their goal is to reach

a broader audience. So to put it simple, Name Science can apply their style to any genre.

Influenced by diverse music ranging from jazz to hip hop to reggae, the group began

writing and producing songs together in their Southern California urban hometown.

Admired for their stage performance, beat-making abilities, songwriting, work ethic,

as well as their subject matter, Name Science (Sach Ill Pages + Inoe Oner) is living

proof that consciousness, ambition and incredible content can still prevail in a faulty

music industry. Already having ties from the early 90’s hip hop collective group Global

Phlowtations Artist Committee and the legendary crew The Nonce, the emcees/producers

decided to form Name Science in 2006. You can tell they have a deep passion for music

and art by their visual concepts and multifarious sound.

Name Science released their debut album “Name Science 2 Da Death” independently in


"We seek to rediscover what was precious in music and what we have found we have

embedded in our broadcast for the world to decipher"

Name Science’s mission is to take music into an innovative direction; to teach about the

soul of creative music with intricate lyrics and ingenuity.

The Los Angeles underground duo is primed and ready to revolutionize the so called

music/internet industry.